Equal Rights not Equal Things

Our Constitution protects equal rights.  Socialism or Communism tries to ensure equal things.  The peculiar thing about this is that under a communist regime, all average citizens are equally poor and only the tyrannical leaders have the wealth.  There has not been one successful example of a communist country where the majority of the citizens enjoy a comfortable abundant lifestyle. 

In the book, “The 5000 Year Leap”, it says, “The goal of society is to provide “equal justice,” which means protecting the rights of the people equally:

  • At the bar of justice, to secure their rights.
  • At the ballot box, to vote for the candidate of their choice.
  • At the public school, to obtain their education.
  • At the employment office, to compete for a job.
  • At the real estate agency, to purchase or rent a home.
  • At the pulpit, to enjoy freedom of religion.
  • At the podium, to enjoy freedom of speech.
  • At the microphone or before the TV camera, to present views on the issues of the day.
  • At the meeting hall, to peaceably assemble.
  • At the print shop, to enjoy freedom of the press.
  • At the store, to buy the essentials or desirable things of life.
  • At the bank, to save and prosper.
  • At the tax collector’s office, to pray no more than their fair share.
  • At the probate court, to pass on to their heirs the fruits of their labors.

I learned about an interesting person from the past.  His name was Eldridge Cleaver.  Influenced by Marxists teaching, he became the Minister of Information for the Black Panthers in 1967.  The Black Panthers were a violent domestic terrorist group with the goal of bringing down the U.S. economy and social structure in order to ensure equal rights for black people under a communist America.

After a confrontation with police, Eldridge and his wife fled to Cuba and spent the next eight years under Communist regimes in Cuba and Algeria.  After eight years under these communist regimes, Eldridge asked to be allowed back into the United States.  He said “He’d rather be in jail in the U.S., than a free man anywhere else in the world”.  After paying his final debt to society, Eldridge spent the rest of his life educating people (especially college students) on the fraudulent fallacies of communism. 

As a Christian, I’ve often been asked by progressives how I can be Christian and not want good things for those less fortunate, like healthcare, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.  I struggled with the answer to that until I realized that the Bible does NOT say anywhere that the government should help the poor, hungry, and un-clothed.  It says that Christians should.  Christians still do, but I believe they did even more back before the government took over the job.  Families took care of their elderly.  Churches and communities took care of their poor.

As it stands, we have created a society of people who expect the government to provide for them.  We have become an entitled society.  We need to put a halt to this before we dig our grave of freedom any deeper. 

As a citizen and a Christian, we need to make a difference by voting conservatives into office that will work to reduce the size of the federal government, work to re-established free markets, and work to empower citizens to be prosperous.  These people need to believe in and enforce the Constitution of the United States.  These people need to know the difference between equal rights and equal things.

If you are one of these people, pray that God will give you the courage and resources to run for office, especially on the federal level.

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10 comments on “Equal Rights not Equal Things

  1. Awesome article Faithful. I wrote a piece on the generosity of Americans. For example, in 2006 Americans gave more money to charity than the entire national income of Sweden.

    Left to our own devices, Americans are very generous, but when the government takes nearly half of your paycheck, there is nothing left to be generous with.


  2. Great post! Thank you!

    I see no Equal Protection, when any government feels as though they have the authority (morally or legally) to steal from one group and give to another.

    I have said this many times, but it is worth repeating: Our federal government, over the last 100 years, has been the enablers, and facilitators of most of this bad (and naive) behavior and lending practices.

    It is so sad that so many don’t see the great opportunity and charity that The United States has given for all citizens who were willing to work hard; unless they first visit other countries (such as Eldridge), and experience the difference first hand.

    If this country goes bust, not only will we all suffer, but the poorest among us, will see a level of poverty that they have never seen, since being citizens of The United States.

    The current federal government is destroying our charitable spirit with each passing day. It is becoming a moral imperative that we remove all government officials who espouse anything but free-markets. There is NO place in our government for Socialist and Communist (system) sympathizers.

  3. Very well said! You hit the nail squarely upon it’s head! Thank you!

  4. “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal”.


  5. I had someone comment about this article on another site.

    They said, “The author argues that we need to elect more conservatives who will reduce the size of the government, but it would seem that the only way this would work would be if those elected were all non-Christians who bore no responsibility for caring for others. That would allow the government to be unburdened by any biblical need to care for others, leaving this role solely to the Christian community.”

    What they missed, however, is that the Christian responsibility to care for the poor is a personal responsibility. If I’m a Senator and a Christian, it is not my responsibility to pass laws to give government money to the poor. It would be my responsibility, however, to give my own money to help the poor, and donate some of my personal time also to help others.

    I’m also not saying that only Christians should help the poor. Even non-Christians feel a moral responsibility to give of their time and money to help people less fortunate to them.

  6. So should other current social programs be dismantled?

    • I would love to say yes, but once you start providing an entitlement to the people, you can’t just take it away. However, you don’t have to add more. It would be great if we could figure out a way to get people off most of the entitlements we offer, but I don’t pretend to know if and how it could be done.

  7. The departure from the factual strength, and thus credibility, of this otherwise very well written entry, occurs here:

    “but I believe they did even more back before the government took over the job.”

    This assertion could just as easily be replaced with:

    “but I believe they did even more back before self-sufficient rural citizens started to migrate en masse from agrarian life into densely populated, commerce-dependent urban cities in search of better paying jobs. Families that could afford to, took care of their elderly. Those who could not increasingly relied on assistance from Churches and local communities, accelerating the depletion of the limited resources of charity as the ranks of the poor and homeless continued to swell.”

    There is a clear path to reversing this trend, of course: Less fortunate citizens who cannot wholly support themselves should pull out of the urban economy and return to agrarian self-sufficiency.

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