The Pawn

book PawnThe Pawn is written by Steven James. I found him through a list of Christian Mystery/Suspense Writers. While God and religious things are not mentioned very much in the book, it is a clean book without bad language and/or sex. This book is the first book in a series called The Patrick Bowers Files. Patrick Bowers is an FBI Special Agent specializing in Environmental Profiling. He is still recovering from his wife’s death from cancer six months earlier. They had been married for only 5 months prior to her death and his wife had a daughter, who Patrick now has custody of. Her name is Tessa, a teenager who is into cutting and is mad at her step-father and at the world.

He has been called to help out the FBI with a case in Asheville, NC, though the serial killer has also struck in South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. The killer calls himself “The Illusionist” because he thrives on misdirection and confusion to confound the authorities and stay ahead of them. As Bowers and the team search for clues, they realize they are facing a man who is cunning and evil.

As they uncover clues, they find that another mystery has surfaced in the form of a copycat killer, linking the Illusionist to a charismatic cult leader with ties to the infamous Jonestown cult. Now they are trying to track down two sinister, evil killers.

If you like the TV show Criminal Minds, then you are going to absolutely love this book. It is written at a neck-break pace, effortlessly pulling you along on an incredible thrill ride.

2 comments on “The Pawn

  1. I love mysteries. I’ll have to check this one out!

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