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4th of July by James Patterson

4th-of-july1This is the 4th book in the Women’s Murder Club series and probably one of the best ones I’ve read so far. I was totally clueless about who the serial killers were. In this one, the police are pretty sure there were at least three people working together to slice the throats of husbands and wives in the wealthy area of Half Moon Bay just south of San Francisco. She is unofficially helping the police chief there with his case but one of the signatures of the murders matches her John Doe from several years before.

Lindsey Boxer is staying at her sister’s house there in Half Moon Bay while she is on leave pending her trial as she is accused of using deadly force on a young teenage girl who died and her brother is now paralyzed from the neck down. As the book opens, she is off-duty at Susie’s having margarita’s with her girl friends. Jacoby interrupts them and asks Lindsey to go with him as a dark Mercedes, matching the description from the murders they are trying to solve in San Francisco, has shown up in the Tenderloin District. After staking out the Mercedes for awhile that night, someone gets in the Mercedes and starts speeding down the streets around the Tenderloin with Lindsey and Jacoby in pursuit. At the end of the chase, the car crashes and Lindsey and Jacoby approach the car with guns drawn. When they look in the car, there are two teenagers that are hurt and crying and in need of help. The two cops holster their weapons and help the kids out of the car, but then the girl pulls out a gun and shoots Lindsey and down she goes, then the boy pulls a gun and shoots Jacoby. At that point, Lindsey shoots both the boy and girl, killing and one and seriously injuring the other.

Now she is in the fight of her life as the parents are suing her for excessive force resulting in wrongful death and injury. Her lawyer is Yuki Castellano and she works hard to successfully get Lindsey declared innocent of all charges. After the case is over, Yuki and Lindsey have bonded and Yuki is invited to join Claire, Jill and Lindsey in the Women’s Murder Club. Joe is also still in the picture and drops in from time to time to give Lindsey support and spend time with her.

Another thing I appreciated is that I didn’t notice one “g-d” word in the book. Most bad words just fly by without my realizing it much, but the “g-d” word really bothers me so I was glad he left it out of this book.

I’m going to pull back now on the number of books and the amount of time I have been reading. It has been excessive and the Lord has been convicting me about spending more of my time reading His word, praying and reading good Christian non-fiction material that will help me grow closer to Him in my spiritual journey. I’ve read 54 books since January 20 and that is exessive. I’ve got to start exercising self-conrol and balance in my life. So, I will continue to read, but just not at the rate that I was.

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