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Elementary, My Dear Watkins

tulip_elementaryThis book is the 3rd and last in Mindy Starns Clark’s Smart Chick Mystery series. I’ve got to say that I’m going to miss these characters. The third book of the series starts up about six weeks since the second book left off. Jo Tulip is on the mend from where the house she was in blew up. Danny is in Paris doing his 9 week intern with Scene It magazine. He hated leaving Jo behind while she was still in the hospital but they wanted him to start right away and Jo wanted him to go so he wouldn’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Jo is living at Danny’s house while he is in Paris and trying to get on with her life and career, but she has just received a mysterious email from an annonymous person saying that someone’s life was in danger but they couldn’t get involved and asked Jo¬†how they should deal with it. Jo tries to encourage them to step forward. She also tries to work with the Kreston, New York cops to find out who this person is, but he doesn’t email from the same place twice. Later the mystery emailer tells Jo that it is she who is in danger, that someone is going to try and kill her.

Soon after this Jo agrees to meet with Bradford, her ex-fiance who ran out of the church and left her standing at the altar during the first book in this series. He gives her the same message, that someone is trying to kill her. However, before he can give her anymore details, he is hit by a commuter train in an attempt to save Jo Tulip after someone tried to push her onto the tracks in front of the train. All she knows is that it has something to do with her parents and their company, Bosworth Industries. She is scared now and calls her grandmother, Eleanor to see if she can stay at her estate in New York. Her grandmother, of course, agrees and sends a limo to pick her up.

Through the next few days, she is given 24 hour body guard protection. She finds out that the death threat on her life has something to do with how her grandfather wrote his will before he died. If Jo’s grandmother dies before Jo does, and if Jo remains un-married, then her shares in the company and her money go into a charitable trust. If Jo dies before her grandmother dies, then Jo’s uncle and cousin gain control of the family business. There are so many suspects that it is almost impossible to say who wants Jo dead. The company is going through a period right now where Jo’s father is on one end of a major decision and Jo’s uncle is on the other. Jo can’t believe that her father won’t change his position in order to save his daughter. He seems to care more about the millions of dollars the company would make than he cares about her. This causes a big rift between Jo and her parents.

There are many twists and turns in the book and you’ll not be able to guess who the bad person is until the end. The book also deals with the spiritual lesson of “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. It also deals with the issue of forgiveness when people in your life hurt you. Also the relationship between Danny Watkins and Jo Tulip is taken to the ultimate level.

As with all of Mindy’s books, I can highly suggest that you read this book and this series. Start at the beginning with “The Trouble with Tulip” and you’ll have a great read.

I’ll be slowing down immensely with the novel reading. 2012 was the year of the novels. I’ve read 55 books since January 21, 2012. For 2013, it will be the year of the spiritual non-fiction books. I want to grow in my walk with Christ. I want to pray more, study God’s word and spiritual books more, be more generous with my time, talents and money, and evangelize by telling other people about Christ. This is the Year of Faith. I want to grow in mine.

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